Your Story, Your Way




What Is Roamni?

Roamni is a free app that allows you to create, publish and share map-guided stories and audio tours through our customisable platform


Share your stories by location, create your own branded content, help people explore and stay on track with interactive maps


Engage with users all over the world, share your story, your way


Humans have been telling stories to create closer connections for thousands of years.

Stories create deep engagement between the storyteller and the listener that drives longer term interaction and dwell time. Stories share knowledge, drive understanding and break down barriers through empathy.

Use Roamni?

  • - Engage on a deeper level with your audiences
  • - Attract customer brand affinity, empathy and loyalty
  • - Share knowledge and interactive stories that resonate
  • - Elevate event experiences
  • - Increase footfall and dwell times
  • - Tell the stories YOU want to tell

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