Do I need to be a professional? I’ve never done this before.

Roamni welcomes all levels of experience, whether you are someone who is just starting out, or with lots of recording experience. Everyone is welcome! We have a great tutorial, and lots of help documentation. You can also listen to our existing tours on Roamni to see the great diversity in our hosts.

You are always welcome to email us at – and we can help you out with any specific questions you might have. Don’t be shy, we are here to work with you.

Do I need to write a script or outline before I start creating?

At the very least, be aware that a Story of Place needs 1 location linked to it, and a Roamni Tour needs a Start and End Point, with as many waypoints as you want in between. That’s the bare minimum you need to know before you kick off creating with Roamni.

Totally up to you if you want to write a script/outline or not, if you are comfortable winging it and a natural talker about your subject matter – then get recording.

However, if you need a bit more structure, you might want to consider writing up some bullet points about the location or locations you want to talk about to keep you on track.

If you need more help, including sample wording, there is more detail on how to prepare and create a tour in “How to Create a Tour” in the MyRoamni screen.

What is a Waypoint?

A Waypoint is a location pin on the Roamni map. You will very easily create these Waypoints when you upload a tour in Roamni.

Do I need to provide my own photos for my tours?

Not at this stage, we are able to use an online service to extract photos for you automatically, saving you time. In future versions, you will have full control over photos.

How long should a recording go for?

Suggested time for a Story of Place is at least 5 minutes, and for a Roamni Tour about 15-30 minutes in total including all waypoints.

However, you are of course welcome to go longer than these suggested times if you wish.


What can I use to record content for Roamni?

The easiest way is to use your phone with the included headphone microphone, the Voice Memo program has everything your need to record, edit and save your audio to the “Files” app on the iPhone. If you prefer another app on the iPhone to record, such as GarageBand – go for it. Most apps allow you to click “Share” and “Save to Files”

Can I record content on a PC/laptop at home or in a studio?

Yes, as long as you can transfer the files to your iPhone and have it accessible in “Files”.

Can I transfer my files to a cloud service such as iCloud or Dropbox and then transfer to Roamni?

Yes, as you can attach iCloud or Dropbox and some other cloud services to the “Files” app, which is then accessible in Roamni

How should I save and label my files after I finish recording?

We recommend creating a “Roamni” folder – and then creating a subfolder with the name or location of your tour. That way you have them all in an easy to find place which can then be transferred to your phone.

If you are doing a Story of Place – that is just one file, so to make it easier to find when you are looking for it – try something like this:

“Story of Place – Flinders Street.mp3”

If you are doing a Roamni Tour – try something like this, as you’ll be attaching these files to numbered waypoints when you upload:

“Part 1 – Flinders Street.mp3”
“Part 2 – Federation Square.mp3”

What formats can be uploaded into Roamni?

We accept MP3 and MP4 audio

What bitrate should I save audio as?

We recommend Mono 64k to keep file sizes low for our users, however you can go up to Stereo 320k if you are making more sophisticated content.


How much can I get paid with Roamni?

There is no limit to the amount of payment you can achieve with Roamni, so promote your tours! You get 35% of the price you set.

Here’s an indicative guide to how much you can earn each time someone buys your tour on Roamni: (in AUD)

Depending on what price you set for your tour:

$1.99 = 70c
$2.99 = $1.05
$3.99 = $1.40
$4.99 = $1.75
$5.99 = $2.10
$6.99 = $2.45

How can I track my downloads?

Go to the “My Roamni” screen – and click “Reports”

How do I get paid by Roamni? Is it automatic?

Once a month, you can go to MyRoamni->Request Payment in the Roamni app. Then click “Pay Out!” This will begin the payment processing for all transactions that occurred in the previous calendar month, including any that occurred prior to this date. You will then be included in the next payment run.

How long will it take for me to get paid?

Up to 60 days after the end of the calendar month in which you’ve requested payment, which is the time it takes for payment to come through to us from the App Store.

What if I forget to Request Payment one month?

Don’t worry, we keep track of all your downloads. Jump back into Roamni, Request Payment and any pending payments will be included in our next payment run.

What if I put in the incorrect payment details?

Unfortunately we can’t individually verify payment details entered into the app. Please be extra careful and double check any payment details you enter, as we can’t take responsibility for any incorrect details entered.


Have any more questions? Email us at