Coming Soon to Google Play

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Well, the wait is over.

In early 2019, Roamni will come to an Android phone near you.

The release of our app into the Google Play store will coincide with some amazing new features to make it easier to create your own tour, and for listeners to find the best tours.  We’re also providing a new way to navigate between way-points, and a funky new design will also be shown off.

More details to come.

In the meantime, if you wish to register your interest to be notified for our Android launch, let us know.

Our first hiring call

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Can’t believe we, at Roamni, can post this – our first hiring call!

Less than 6 months after our launch, we have too much demand to cope with, so we’re building our very own growth network of…Story Development Managers!

Why “Story Development Manager”? Well, “Business Development Manager” just didn’t seem to fit our vision and purpose.

To inspire a greater sense of empathy and tolerance in the world through the power of storytelling

We want to help people, businesses, councils, precincts and brands unleash their inner story through our fully customised self-publishing story platform – that will reach visitors & locals in a unique way.

Give your business a voice.

To join the storytellers:

1. Apply on our website,

2. No CV required (it’s not a mark of a true storyteller)

3. Submit a creative 5min ‘Story of Place’ on Roamni

Smooth FM (Melbourne) Mention Roamni

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Roamni gets a mention on this morning’s Smooth FM breakfast show!  Mike Perso says, “It’s a place where people upload their stories about their neighbourhood.”

Shared experiences & stories from locals can foster a deeper understanding of the places you visit (or live in) and hopefully build a more tolerant society. This is our vision. We believe in the power of storytelling to create a better world. A world where we understand each other, learn our history and cultures, at a very intimate & local level.

We’re on the App Store!

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Photo: Greg (left), “virtual” Jason (middle) and Michael (right), press the ‘release’ button on the App Store for Roamni.

We did it. Exactly 2 years after Jason and I had the idea, we’re on the Australian App Store! From today, you’ll be able to download Roamni and experience local tours and stories from our first Tour Hosts in Melbourne, with the rest of Australia coming on-line with great content in the coming weeks.

We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the amazing talent, effort and support from all involved in the Roamni journey.  Jason and I feel humbled and incredibly grateful for the generous contribution from our family and friends along the way.

In particular, we’d like to call out…

Michael MacCrae and the team at Appetiser Apps for taking our prototype and getting it to MVP, ready for our customers. Your design, development and strategic contribution is second to none!

To Michael Li and Jeremy Wang who pulled together the original prototype last year, thank you. You both enabled us to check off important innovation milestones in viability and feasibility.

Thank you also to the support from Renzo Scacco and the RMIT Activator team for their faith in providing us with the NEIF investment, and also the mentoring & coaching. The highlight, was being featured in the RMIT/Apple coding launch in November!

Thanks to Peter Clarke for his amazing work on the promotional video as part of the RMIT/Apple launch. That video on our website is his fine work.

Thanks to Dylan Reed and the team at Kreate for their marketing leadership and support in bringing the narrative to life, especially in sourcing the wonderful content we have to-date.

Thank you to all the supporters, advice givers and passionate people we’ve met along the way (you know who you are!), especially during the incredible Pitch@Palace event.  That event catapulted Roamni into the vision, narrative and purpose we aim to deliver to you. Shout out to Georgia Lee, our mentor, during the semi finals, who’s help gave us a springboard into the final.  To Michael Guo, who’s guidance was one of the main turning points in our little start-up. And to the commercial team at Tiger Airways for their faith & support.

And most importantly, thank you to our family, especially our wives who have been patient, giving and supportive of this amazing journey. Your belief and encouragement in us was the difference. We couldn’t have done it without you.

So, a great milestone reached, but we know there is still a long way to go.  Please enjoy Roamni, and as we are always striving to improve, send us your feedback.  We’d love to hear from you and we can’t wait to share the next part of our journey with you.  In the meantime, we look forward to hearing your story, your way and changing the world…together.

Greg & Jason
Co-Founders, Roamni

We made the FINAL top 12 at Pitch@Palace!

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Last week, Jason and I were privileged to be selected in the final for Pitch@Palace Australia 1.0. Out of 200 applications nation-wide, Roamni made it through the semi-finals in Melbourne, boot-camp at University of Wollongong and on to the stage in front of guests, dignitaries and HRH The Duke of York at Sydney’s Government House for the final (along with 12 other entrepreneurs). Unfortunately, we didn’t make the top 3 for London, but, we had already won – the connections we made and the interest we generated was priceless.

Congratulations to all P@P Alumni, the winners and their quest at the Global event in December. For us, it’s back to Melbourne to complete our final product version and plan for the launch. We can’t wait to share Roamni with the world.

Click here to view our final pitch.

Honoured to Pitch @ Palace

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We’re thrilled to announce that Roamni has been selected to pitch at Pitch @ Palace On Tour Melbourne! A wonderful honour to be selected, and we can’t wait to pitch Roamni at Government House on the 20th September.

In attendance will be HRH The Duke of York, as well as many guests, influencers and entrepreneurs. The top 8 teams will go to Sydney to prepare for the national competition, after which, the best of the best take on the world at St. James’ Palace in London at the end of the year.

Regardless what happens, we’re very grateful as the exposure for Roamni is something money cannot buy.  On behalf of the team, we wish all the teams the very best in the competition and we look forward to making new friends and connections in the process.

Customer Focus Groups – feedback is a gift!

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A wonderful milestone this month – our first customer focus group for the BETA version of Roamni. To think almost a year ago, nothing like this existed, and now we’re getting feedback from real folks, taking the app out for a spin.It’s a great feeling.

50 people through the RMIT Activator’s doors, and some terrific insights into the product – what works, what doesn’t work, and what future features we should prioritise for development. Feedback is definitely a gift.

The most pleasing aspect of the sessions was that over 95% of the customers would be willing to pay for the product – as well as nominating a price range. This is absolutely critical as we have validated a critical part of the business model.

So we’re looking good to launch by the end of the year. Thank you to the entire team at Roamni, what an adventure!

Submit your audio tours here today – click for link

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Submit your pre-recorded Roamni audio Tours using the form below.

If you need some help – email us at

Note: When considering your tours to record, please note our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Dev complete, get ready for BETA!

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Success! We’ve completed development and our product is ready for BETA testing. A great team effort and it’s exciting to plan for the next phase of the project. You’ll also start to notice our brand and content to filter through as we generate momentum in unveiling Roamni. If you’re curious to find out and to join our BETA group, register your interest via the link at the top of the page #yourtouryourway

Dev at 90%

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We love Saturday mornings at the RMIT Activator. The prototype room to ourselves, hacking away, and seeing the design come together! Today we passed another milestone in the development of Roamni, the core feature set for the MVP is complete. What remains is the polish and more UAT, whilst we prepare for the content overlay. As you can see, the team is very proud to show off the working prototype!  Thanks again to our awesome developers, Michael and Jeremy #exploreyourworld