Your Tour, Your Story, Your Way

Together, we will inspire a greater sense of empathy and tolerance in the world – through storytelling – by providing a way to create, listen and share local tours, stories and experiences.

Roamni is the world-wide guide in your pocket that combines the latest smartphone technology and design to allow anyone to create audio tours & stories.  Visitors and locals can listen and follow the journey of these stories, gain a different perspective of their surroundings and share the knowledge of what they have learned throughout the world. The platform is easy to access, convenient to use and offers tours & stories at a price well below the live tour guide operators.

Creating a Tour and Story to Earn Money

Channel your inner tour guide and storytelling passion!  Talk your way through your favourite part of your world so that anyone can download, listen to and follow at their own pace.

Record your tour, set a price and upload directly via our app – then share & encourage downloads and ratings so that you can be featured as a top Roamni Tour Host.  The more downloads you receive, the more you earn.

Listen, Follow and Rate the Tours and Stories

Roam when you want to.  For a unique and personalised perspective on things, simply download, listen and take a tour whenever you like.

  • Listen to tours made by locals that feature authentic insight of the place
  • Rate the tours, provide feedback and follow your favourite Roamni Tour Host
  • Affordable and convenient app-based tours – just play and go

Earning Roamni income

Earn every time your tour is purchased.  There are no minimum follower or downloads required.  The more popular your tour, the more you can earn. Collect your Roamni income and cash out on a regular basis.

  1. Voice record and upload as many tours as you like
  2. Promote your tours to help others find them
  3. Earn every time your tour is purchased in the app *
  4. Collect your earnings as real money which you can request on a regular schedule via the app*

*See our terms and conditions.

It’s your tour, your story, your way. Roam when you want to with Roamni.