Your Tour, Your Way

The Problem we are solving…

1. Organised tours require preparation, lack spontaneity, can leave you disconnected from the real city and it’s culture.

2. Niche hyperlocal tours are hard to find, yet tourists seek unique experiences.

3. Price is an important concern for customers taking a tour.

4. No easy way exists to reward those that contribute quality travel guidance online.

The Solution…

Roamni is a platform and community that allows people to easily create and share area-based knowledge – on whatever topic they like – with like-minded or curious others, all in a handy, simple-to-use and self-guided voice app.

Whether you make a tour or take a tour, Roamni gives you the freedom to do your tour, your way.

Make a tour

Be your own subject matter expert and tour guide! Talk your way through a tour that anyone can download, listen to and do at their own pace before rating your tour with Roamni kudos. The more tours of your tours downloaded on Roamni, the more you earn in real money.

  • Showcase and share what you love with others
  • Be rewarded with commission*
  • Simply voice record and upload your tour to get going

Take a tour

Roam when you want to. For a unique and personalised perspective on things, simply download, listen and take a tour whenever you like. Can’t find a tour on what you’re interested in? Why not make a tour and build a business while you’re at it.

  • Listen to tours made by like-minded others
  • Rate the tours with Roamni kudos
  • Affordable and convenient app-based tours – just play and go

Roamni kudos

Everyone likes good kudos. When someone takes a tour, they’re asked to rate it with Roamni kudos. It’s a way to pass on and build feedback within the community to help improve the platform for everyone.

Roamni income

Earn commission every time your tour is purchased. The more popular your tour, the more you can earn. Collect your Roamni income to cash out on a regular schedule.

  1. Voice record and upload as many tours as you like
  2. Promote your tours to help others find them
  3. Earn  commission every time your tour is purchased in the app *
  4. Collect the commission as real money which you can request on a regular schedule via the app*

*See our  terms and conditions.


It’s your tour, your way. Roam when you want to with Roamni.