Our first hiring call

Can’t believe we, at Roamni, can post this – our first hiring call!

Less than 6 months after our launch, we have too much demand to cope with, so we’re building our very own growth network of…Story Development Managers!

Why “Story Development Manager”? Well, “Business Development Manager” just didn’t seem to fit our vision and purpose.

To inspire a greater sense of empathy and tolerance in the world through the power of storytelling

We want to help people, businesses, councils, precincts and brands unleash their inner story through our fully customised self-publishing story platform – that will reach visitors & locals in a unique way.

Give your business a voice.

To join the storytellers:

1. Apply on our website, www.roamni.com/apply

2. No CV required (it’s not a mark of a true storyteller)

3. Submit a creative 5min ‘Story of Place’ on Roamni

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